Ti Spin Prop

​An artist's take on the coveted "spinner," the TiSpin Prop is a Propeller Spinner CNC Machined from a Billet Block of 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium. Each piece is made to order by myself here in America, and not mass produced.

While the rest of the spinner market focuses on creating a toy designed on simple 2D profiles that allow for fast machine time and easy programming and workholding, Titan Ring Designs dares to challenge the market with an art piece that is designed with detail, precision, and perfection in mind. Advanced machine tool-pathing techniques leave a beautifully sculpted surface finished by micro tooling that allows the titanium's lustrous colors to reflect light unlike any other method. Each of the three versions of the TiSpin Prop will be exclusive to 25 pieces and individually serial numbered. The first series will be standard machine finish only and the second series will have blue anodized blade tips, while the third is a body colored reversal of the blue-tipped series, with contrasting uncolored tips. All series have plain machine finish buttons standard, with optional upgrade to blue anodized buttons. Serial numbers will be first come, first serve. 

Custom threaded buttons with a through bore are included and are also CNC Milled from billet block, not round stock on a Lathe. This adds to the complexity and intricacy of this art piece.​

​OD: 3.200", Thickness: .3125", Hub OD: .750", Hub ID: .500"