Collector's Replica Propeller - 3 Blade

The Collector's Replica Propeller is a Limited Edition, CNC Machined Grade 5 Titanium Work of Art. New options in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) and TiN (Titanium Nitride) Coatings are used in Jewelry, High End Watches, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Medical, and other industrial applications to help prevent wear and provide optimal surface properties not achievable in raw materials.

Three series, each limited to different quantities.

  • Machine Finish with Blue Anodized Tips (with or without blue buttons), Limited to 25 pieces
  • Machine Finish with PVD Coating of Black DLC (Black/Black, Black/Gold) or Gold TiN (Gold/Gold, Gold/Black, Gold/Blue), Limited to 15 pieces
  • Extremely Limited Black DLC Propeller Body with Anodized Gold Buttons and Tips, Limited to only 10 pieces

​Each piece is made to order by myself here in America, and not mass produced. Serial numbers will be first come, first serve.

Custom threaded buttons with a through bore are included and are also CNC Milled from billet block, not round stock on a Lathe. This adds to the complexity and intricacy of this art piece.​

(Note: All DLC/TiN coated images shown are renderings until I am able to upload photos.)

​OD: 3.200", Thickness: .3125", Hub OD: .750", Hub ID: .500"