Creating things has always been my passion. Making the best products is my standard. While working at a machine shop that produced top notch parts for just about every type of field you can imagine, I noticed that the machining industry is mostly about cranking out a mass quantity of the highest quality parts that they can as fast as they can. But what this means is that tolerances and finishes are often compromised (or rather pushed to the limit of what is acceptable) because the job is usually behind schedule and over-budget/under-bid. This is not how I work. Speed is important, but is secondary to quality. I make sure that the end result is exactly what I envisioned from the beginning. My eye for detail and perfectionism has slowed me down in the past, but it pays off in end. 

My rings are all designed, engineered, and machined in Utah, from Certified American-Made 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium. They are not cast or molded. They have gone through a rigorous process of design and engineering, stretching the capabilities of CNC machines, to deliver mens jewelry that rivals the competition and challenges traditional wedding bands. ​And I take this principle into everything I make. Machining is more than production, it's art.

Whether you are looking for a band for an upcoming wedding, looking to replace or upgrade your current wedding ring, or just want something unique and beautiful, my designs are different than anything else you'll find and you'll be proud to show off your new ring.

If you have any questions regarding my designs, or would like to talk to me about custom design work, feel free to reach me via my Contact Page.

Trevor Hirschi
Titan Ring Designs, LLC
Perry, UT